Young Persons Winter Camp

Let's be honest. The idea that you're only as good as the number of "likes" on your Social Media post can develop a skewed sense of the world. The more shares and "likes" you gain is an influencing factor of gaining more followers - and oddly enough, at some level, feel loved.

However, it's possible to have 1000 likes but no love.

The greatest influencer there has ever been is Jesus. He started with only 12 followers. He not only loves you, at the deepest level, but He likes you. What's more, His love is worth a billion likes, and then you've only just begun.

We are pleased to host Pr. Keli Pepa as our guest speaker. Other than being talented in Basketball and music he very much enjoys sharing Jesus with young people. Having served in a number of churches and church schools Pr. Keli brings insightful teachings that are relevant to the spiritual needs of young people. He and his wife Anna, and son, Tevita, live in South Auckland. We are excited to welcome them to our winter camp.

Camp registrations will be open soon. 


01 Jul 2022, 5:00pm NZST