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Every Sabbath (Saturday) morning we gather together in community to worship Jesus through music, prayer and Bible teachings.

The day usually starts with Sabbath School, at 10.00 am. The church’s main worship program usually runs from 11:00 am to noon. Singing, prayer and a sermon are almost guaranteed but depending on the week, you might be treated to special music, drama, a children’s story or other creative expression.

For children, there are songs, stories, crafts and fun activities. Teens and Youth are catered for through faith building cafe style engagement. For the adults there are a variety of small groups where the Bible is explored in a less formal setting than a typical church service. Here your questions, participation and learning is welcome

Church really is for everyone - a place to call home - and we’d love you to join us!


When are worship services held?

Every Sabbath (Saturday) morning and at other times through the week, both at the church building and elsewhere.

Do I need a Bible?

No. You don’t have to bring anything—just yourself. If you would like a Bible, you can borrow one when you get here. You can also download a free Bible app to your smartphone.

Should I go if I don’t know anyone?

Our church is a place where all people are welcome, whether you’re younger or older, a lifelong Christian or a spiritual seeker. We would love to meet you! If you feel nervous, bring a friend or just send us a message.

Will I be asked to give money?

Every week we give our regular attenders the opportunity to support a variety of causes. It’s not required or expected that you give a donation, especially if you’re visiting us for the first time.

Will I be asked to speak publicly or pray?

If you participate in a small group Bible study, you’ll probably be asked to introduce yourself and to offer an opinion on what’s being discussed. But it’s not typical for a first-time guest to be singled out in the main worship service. Prayer is an important part of worship, and you are welcome to join in, but no one will ever force you to pray.

Who do I speak to if I have any questions?

Ask if you can speak to one of the leadership team—the pastor or one of the elders. Or just start with someone who looks friendly!

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